You grow.

Even before you are born.
First, without being able to influence it.
You naturally grow as you eat, sleep, play and learn.
The more mature you become and the better you get to know yourself, the more you can guide your own growth.
You decide what you develop in particular,
what talents you make use of and which you decide to ignore.
You grow.
If you know you want to grow further, and do not know how,
Herlaar can help you.
You grow.



Blog written by Helena Ruiz Fabra on the event "An Ecology of Mind" that we organized on 17th April 2015 in Maastricht on the work of Gregory Bateson.

A blog written by one of our clients on a training we delivered for them.


Herlaar Business Coaching is co-initiator of Hack-a-Track, a place where young people between 16 and 26 can self-organize and co-create the future of their crazy audacious dreams and experiment with ways how to make modern education work in a safe and fun environment.

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